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Publish Quechua dictionaries in the internet

Unfortunately, the best Quechua dictionaries are not available to the majority of Quechua-speakers. Often they are too expensive and rarely published. For this reason, we have put the following dictionaries in the internet to promote the wider diffusion of Runasimi.To download all of the dictionaries at the same time, see  Our CD.

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Diccionario: Quechua - Español - Quechua, Qheswa - Español - Qheswa: Simi Taqe, 2nd ed., Academia Mayor de La Lengua Quechua, Cusco, Peru, 2005, 313pp. Original format in 928pp: [Acrobat] [MS Word]

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Iskay simipi yuyayk’ancha: Quechua – Castellano, Castellano – Quechua, 2nd ed. improved (preliminary version), Teofilo Laime Ajacopa, Efraín Cazazola y Felix Layme Pairumani, La Paz, Bolivia, Jan. 2007, 212pp.

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Vocabvlario de la Lengva General de todo Perv llamada lengua Qquichua, o del Inca, Diego González Holguín, Lima, Perú, 1608, digitalized byRunasimipi.org, 2007, 427pp. (Warning: Still many errors.)

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Glosario de nuevos términos aimaras, Gregorio Callisaya A., et al., Universidad Mayor de San Andres, La Paz, Bolivia, s/f, 18pp.

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Apurimaqpaq Runasimi Taqe, Diccionario de Quechua Apurimeño, Preliminary Version, Leoncio Gutiérrez Camacho, Leonidas Mantilla Gutiérrez, y Shara Huaman Jullunila, Academia Mayor de la Lengua Quechua filial Apurímac, Abancay, Peru, Feb. 2007, pp 130.


Runasimipi saqra simikuna taqe, Diccionario de groserías en quechua, Quechua Dictionary of Curse Words, Amos Becker Batto, Runasimipi.org, Nov. 2006.

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Diccionario Bilingüe: Quechua – Castellano, Cusco - Collao y Ayacucho – Chanka, Elizabeth Espinoza Rojas, Carolina Silvertrina Leon Silvera, María Saavedra Durand, Lidia Juarez Ccorimanya y Wilber Oscco Carrión, Especialidad de Comunicación, Instituto Superior Pedagógica Público "La Salle", Abancay, Perú, 2004. Note: We are still correcting many errors in the digitalization.

[StarDict-zip] [StarDict-deb] Vocabulario de la Lengua Aymara, Padre Ludovico Bertonio, Julí, Chucuito, Perú, 1612, with modernized orthography by Radio San Gabriel and digitalization by Lenguandina.org. (Only the Spanish-Aymara section available.)

1. Cusco Quechua Dictionary

We are helping the Academia Mayor de la Lengua Quechua to publish their Dicionario Quechua-Español, Qheswa-Español Simi Taqe (2nd Edition, 2005) in the internet. (S/.100, 150 copies, only for sale in the office of the AMLQ in Cuzco) We have copied the 928 pages of this dictionary with a scanner, but there were son errors in the conversion from images to text. We have corrected the majority of these errors in the Spanish text with a spell checker, but we need many volunteers to review each page and correct the errors in the Quechua text. There are still roughly one error for every three pages on average. In order to help us, see these instructions.

Furthermore, the AMLQ wants to update their dictionary because the World Quechua Congresses have agreed to changes in the orthography with respect to the use of F, J, W, Y, and YOQ/YUQ. See page XIII of the second edition of the dictionary for more information.  

The preliminary dictionary of the AMLQ can be downloaded either reformatted in 312 pages or in its original format of 928 pages. We have also converted the dictionary to a MySQL data base for web page serving.

Also see this list of corrections which we have made in the dictionary:

2. Bolivian Quechua Dictionary
Teofilo Laime Ajacopa of La Paz (currently studying in Belgium) is preparing a second edition of the DICCIONARIO BILINGÜE, Iskay simipi yuyayk’ancha: Quechua - Castellano, Castellano - Quechua, which covers the three dialects of Bolivian Quechua. The first edition was published by the Bolivian Ministry of Education in 1997, but its was not widely distributed. We are trying to help Teofilo to digitalize his dictionary to publish a second edition more quickly. The dictionary is also available to be used in StarDict, an electronic dictionary application which facilitates rapid searches. See this page about installing StarDict and the quechua dictionary.

3. Historical Cusco Quechua Dictionary
The dictionary of Diego González Holguín from 1608 is considered the best of the historical Quechua dictionaries, but it costs S/.80 ($25) in Peru and 300B ($39) in Bolivia. For this reason, we are digitalizing this dictionary so that everyone can have access to it. We are asking for volunteers to review the dictionary to correct errors in the digitalization.

4. Glossary of Aymara neologisms
In order to survive and flourish in the future, it is essential that indigenous languages acquire new vocabulary which encompasses tecnology and the modern world. A group of students in UMSA in La Paz, Bolivia under Gregorio Callasaya A. have created the Glosario de Nuevos Términos Aimaras.

5. Apurimac Quechua Dictionary
Leoncio Gutiérrez Camacho, Leonidas Mantilla Gutierrez, and Shara Huaman Jullunila of the Academia Mayor de la Lengua Quechua filial Apurímac in Abancay are compiling a Quechua dictionary, which has many words which don't appear in other dictionaries. In addition, we have put the book Apurimakpa Runasimin: El Habla de Apurímac (2007) by Leoncio Gutiérrez online as well.

6. Cusco and Ayacucho Quechua Dictionary
A group of students at La Salle in Abancay have written a thesis and dictionary comparing Cusco and Ayacucho Quechua. We are still correcting errors in the digitalization of this dictionary. We have also put their book of riddles, 
Watuchi: Adivinanzas, online as well.

7. Historical Aymara Dictionary
The Vocabulario de la Lengua Aymara by Ludovico Bertonio (1612) in the Northern Aymara dialect of Chucuitu Perú is considered one of the finest of the historical dictionaries, albeit designed for the proselytization of Christianity.  The orthography has been modernized by Radio San Gabriel of La Paz and republished in the internet by Lenguandina.org. Only the Spanish-Aymara section has been converted to be used in StarDict
, an electronic dictionary application which facilitates rapid searches. Unfortunately, it still lacks definitions for the letter V and a few of the longer definitions have been truncated. See this page about installing StarDict and Bertonio's dictionary.

8. A data base of all these dictionaries
Because Quechua is a language of many dialectical and orthographical variations, we would like to create a web page for searching online in all of these dictionaries at the same time.

9. Other internet dictionaries
The bueaty of the internet lies in its hability to share and promulgate the work of others more easily. Here is a list of other Quechua and Aymara dictionaries online:

To see a list of Quechu dictionaries published in paper, see the bibliographies of Serafín M. Coronel-Molina (in Spanish) and Paul Heggarty (in English).

If you have the author rights to a Quechua dictionary and want to publish it on the internet, please contact us.


Last Updated: Tue, 16 Aug 2011